Hi! I’m Robert Winslow, and I help companies ship great software.

I work with teams to develop products quickly. I code primarily in Go, Python, and Ruby. Over the years, I’ve brought six commercial products to launch as a core engineer, and have contributed code to many more.

I offer the following consulting services to my clients:

Engineering: From day zero, I’ll dive in and write code to tackle your tough problems.

Agile Process: Build only what’s needed to delight users. I believe in flat hierarchies and quick feedback loops.

Mentorship, Code Review, and Pair Programming: Invest in developers and they’ll be happier (and write better code).

Architecture: I’ll help make and deploy your product’s software architecture, giving it a solid foundation for iteration and rapid business growth. For example, we can design a service-oriented architecture to solve your scaling problems.

Do these consulting services interest you? Send a message to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you promptly to discuss working together.