Hi! I’m Robert Winslow, and I help companies solve business problems with great software.

Over the years, I’ve brought seven commercial products to launch as a core engineer and leader, and have contributed to many more.

I offer the following consulting services to my clients:

AI Product Development: Need help adding Artificial Intelligence to your business? Building an AI product requires a different set of skills compared to traditional software development. I’ll design your AI product, then I’ll build it for you.

Distributed Systems Development: Is your cloud-hosted product failing in mysterious ways? I’ll debug your systems, propose improvements, and implement solutions. You’ll rest easy knowing that we’ve solved your distributed systems problems.

Office Hours: Have an urgent question, or want a thought partner to help you make decisions? I’ll meet with you regularly to provide expert opinions and feedback.

Pragmatic R&D: Want to create a technically-demanding product, but don’t have the time or computer science know-how to implement it? I’ll partner with you to scope and design your idea, then I’ll build it for you. With my help, you will get to market faster with less risk.

Do these services interest you? Send a message to [email protected] and I’ll promptly reply to discuss working together.